Functional Yarn Industry Development Trend

Functional Yarn industry development trend
 At the end of 2012, Functional Yarn Functional Yarn companies gathered to discuss the development of new trends in Functional Yarn industry talk about the use of liquid dyeing and yarn in the process of product development process of harvest and experience. Common for the no dye and seek, Functional Yarn industry will be the future of environmental protection, bid farewell to the era of pollution, which is China's green dye-free yarn innovation alliance mission.

The fastness of the joint promotion is more effective

Dyeing fiber and yarn to "green, cost-effective and variety of fashion, differentiation" as the main features, Xu Rong as a standard, in understanding the market trends, to determine the direction of new product development, and to carry out technological innovation , The original liquid yarn for the development of sports and leisure knitting Functional Yarn. Among them, orange and water gray intertwined stripes, the integration of fresh and stylish style, to create a young and dynamic leisure style; black, white, brown tricolor-based intertwined stripes, integration of elegant fashion style, to create casual and comfortable leisure style. The Functional Yarn of the weaving and finishing process is very smooth, without post-dyeing, bright colors, the fastness can meet the standards, and energy saving, reduce costs, in line with national development direction, with strong market competition Advantage.

Recommendation: The alliance will be developed to promote the Functional Yarn, is conducive to the exchange of technology and Functional Yarn of the rapid market. A company's market coverage is limited, hope that the Union can take advantage of Xu Rong global promotion platform to achieve the development of Functional Yarn sharing, the new products together to a broader market.

This type of Functional Yarn can be multi-fiber blended, so the various types of Functional Yarn needs a detailed color card for customers to choose to use.
 Water jet weaving to achieve lower cost

National Functional Yarn product development center has done a lot of work, develop product development program, guide enterprise product development, establish an efficient communication platform, so that enterprises smooth sample production. In the process of product development and production, enterprises will be a single yarn by a special process, breaking the water jet looms can not weave the staple fiber yarn, further reducing the production costs.

Recommendations: Alliance companies should adhere to two points: First, innovation, continue to develop green, cost-effective fashion fiber products; Second, extension, the development of differentiated, functional fiber, elastic color spinning fiber, to further strengthen technological innovation and market Promotion.