Functional Yarn, Intuitive Beauty

Functional Yarn, intuitive beauty
 Functional Yarn with its flexible color and changing yarn structure, to express the clothing, clothing unique decorative effect. Many people in the procurement, trading of Functional Yarn, are only involved in the Functional Yarn inside the one or two categories only for you to introduce more Functional Yarn, we hope to develop products, open up the market has more Good help.
  Functional Yarn varieties of ever-changing, generally by the core line, decorative lines and fixed-line combination of the three. For the understanding of Functional Yarn, focusing on the type of Functional Yarn to introduce you. Functional Yarns can be roughly divided into three categories: special Functional Yarns, fancy lines and color lines. Special Functional Yarns are cored wire, gold and silver thread, deformation fancy thread, pull plush, chenille line. Color line color line, mixed point line, printing line, rainbow line. Fancy line in the bamboo line, belly line, caterpillar line, knot line, spiral line, small pigtail line, wreath line, bead line, circle line. Feeling is not to see some of the eye halo, did not expect the general classification of light there are so many bars, and not a class also have their own changes, Functional Yarn is really changing.
Beauty of the heart of all people, in the face of today's personalized era, the pursuit of the beauty of clothing like the United States. Like the beauty of literature and art, like the beauty of sexy, like punk and the like, like the beauty of the United States and so on. The diversity of Functional Yarns can be applied to the neighborhood, and the yarn itself is intuitive and can be felt, as long as the design or weaving method changes, you can bring more Not the same feeling.
   Spinning yarn, woven in the cloth. Flower yarn industry, only love in the Functional Yarn. For Functional Yarns, we have been focused on producing for twenty years. Now a lot of customers, are directly to the yarn or cloth samples sent to us, so we have to do out of the sample to confirm them, you can produce large goods. Customers worry, rest assured, we also for customers to customize the time as short as possible.
With the competition in the yarn industry, in recent years the type of Functional Yarn is more and more, light species name to listen to the clouds. Although many types, but the industry has specialized, each manufacturer has a more distinctive and professional products. It is like a Functional Yarn company, it is the main promotion of the butterfly yarn, centipede yarn; Jiangmen Ming Yang main is the hook yarn. Like this kind of Functional Yarn, we also have to do, but our professional production of Functional Yarn is a section of dyeing yarn, paragraph color yarn, wrapped yarn, fancy belly yarn and so on.
  For the variety of Functional Yarns, are you worrying about how to buy yarn? Want to develop new products, where to find, how to find it? We give you a benefit, you can provide free yarn and cloth, so that you feel more real style of the yarn look.
 Functional Yarn is generally composed of core wire, pressure line, decorative line. It is usually composed of three yarns, but there are four shares. Functional Yarn to do the clothes and scarves and other more distinctive, even online Taobao Functional Yarn scarf with a star effect, to a "Binbin Come" with the paragraph publicity. But to be honest, actor Zhao Liying is really acting and the value is very online.
  Functional Yarns have different uses depending on the process. It can be used as a raw material of imitation lambskin, with the weft organization highlights the circle, so that it appears on the floor of the circle, like lambskin, natural luster is good, bionic effect is strong. You can also use a variety of colors of Functional Yarn weaving a multicolored look. Functional Yarn weaving products for the treatment of hair has become a coat of the new style. There are flat yarn and Functional Yarn combination of fabric, color and subtle, weaving simple, is suitable for working class daily use of the package fabric. In contrast to the combination of weaving method, it can also be a good dress for men and women casual wear.