Functional Yarn Market Trend Is Obvious

Functional Yarn market trend is obvious
After the National Day in accordance with the market in previous years, has been to the yarn sales season, but this season is not busy, the conventional yarn market but more light than before the holiday, Functional Yarn market come from behind.
 By the main yarn raw materials - the impact of cotton fell expected, customers expect a slight decline in postganglionic cotton yarn prices. But the factory procurement of raw materials are ordered when the cotton release, the cost of the warehouse is relatively high, so cotton companies are reluctant to lose money shipments. Therefore, the conventional yarn is now both supply and demand sides, saw each other, the potential situation.
      Affected by the status quo of the market to Functional Yarn-based, in the direction of the development of small batch of ideas, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, more prominent advantages.
  In a look are white room, a little more furniture, some other color items, it gives the feeling is very different. If the decorations with a good mix, or a seemingly simple but very atmospheric, better than a lot of cumbersome with. Functional Yarn under normal circumstances are two colors with, giving the feeling as if with a simple jewelry room, simple but very obvious style. That some people may be thinking, that Functional Yarn is only suitable for some color with the dim, monotonous fabric up? Simple does not mean monotonous, Functional Yarn can also be bright and bright, but not fancy.
      Functional Yarn in addition to their own special style, but also with fancy yarn with a combination of paragraph color AB yarn, paragraph color AB belly yarn, paragraph color core yarn ... ... more combinations Match also requires you to try and innovate with me.
      Functional Yarn itself changes on the more, with the first weaving process, you can weave the cloth on the more and more. There is also a little more important, Functional Yarn in the four seasons of the fabric can be used, not subject to seasonal effects. It is also used in a wide range of places, like sportswear, T-shirts, underwear panties, socks, towels, etc. there are Functional Yarn trace.
      Functional Yarn, embellished life of the United States, so that our clothing accessories fabric become more rich.
   For Functional Yarns and Functional Yarns are not very familiar with the needs of those who demand yarn, Functional Yarn is sometimes silly is not clear, as long as it is provided with the way he can The That is, of course, how the process is not important, it is important how the results, and procurement to their own yarn that is right. Since there is a difference between the yarn, but also your needs, do not you want to know a little next?
       In fact, the Functional Yarn is a yarn can be dyed on two or more than two kinds of yarn, yarn color and color length can be adjusted; and Functional Yarn, then a yarn Mainly, another color of the yarn for the intermittent feeding.
Functional Yarn It is rich in color with a variety of colors can be used, and Functional Yarn is generally only two combinations of colors. If you want to say that these two yarn with a more style, I think the style of Functional Yarn will be more numerous. If they say the style of those who are more beautiful, it is hard to say, are different.
 Functional Yarns are a new type of spinning technology for spinning on improved new ring spinning machines. Functional Yarn yarn is very tight, the appearance of smooth yarn, hair less. High yarn strength, less hairiness. In the weaving process is the most difficult to produce sanding phenomenon. The purpose of the Functional Yarn is to make the fibers as parallel and close as possible before twisting the yarn, which is an important criterion for high quality Functional Yarn yarns.