Functional Yarn Multi-faceted Display

Functional Yarn multi-faceted display
  Functional Yarn variety, when you hear the name of the time, but do not know the appearance; when you see it the image, but still give people the feeling of flowers. Especially in which decorative sense, a sense of strong sense of fancy yarn, it is people scratching their heads. Heart may be feeling, my God, which makes people unable to start the procurement of yarn ah! These are a common problem in our Functional Yarn industry.
  For the characteristics of Functional Yarn can not be a good show to everyone, our staff also raised such a problem. So that more people more intuitive understanding of Functional Yarn is a goal of our recent staff in the finishing of this piece of relevant content and pictures, in a more clear and detailed style to show to everyone, so stay tuned.
 Said Functional Yarn, what did you first think of, what is the application of it? Is usually bright silk clothes is not is Functional Yarn, is like a silver hat on the brilliance is, or shoelace with a silver called Functional Yarn.
   For unfamiliar things, most of the time will Baidu search. When you search for what is Functional Yarn, the front is full of production, sales of Functional Yarn information, feel like you want to understand, or not find more information. Sales is to, business is to, but still need to stop and talk together.
   Xiaobian not only, can not say anything through the terminology, but I see in the Functional Yarn want to talk with you in popular words. I often see Functional Yarn can be divided into three categories, one is a single with the silver, single weaving less, some rough, most are mixed with other yarn; one is soft silver And other fibers together spun out of the silver yarn, soft texture, can be woven or woven; there is a class is to break the traditional Functional Yarn restrictions, called the dye Functional Yarn, which is relatively popular in recent years One kind.
 With the development of yarn, the type of yarn more and more, especially the type of Functional Yarn, is to make you dazzled. When you see the yarn or cloth when there is no one, wow, who can tell me what is this ah! In the yarn industry often contact with the various types of Functional Yarn Fortunately, trained a pair of yarn can also recognize the eye pattern, but this yarn is more specific characteristics of the powerful eye is no way to the right of the bar.
   "Take me, borrow me, a pair of eye, let me see this world clearly, clearly." Professional production of various types of Functional Yarn, a professional testing equipment and testing personnel, can provide free yarn testing Your yarn customization train service.
Recently customers see our official website to display the various types of Functional Yarn pictures, many are interested, and some feel that the picture looks very similar with their hands. Our customer service staff so that they can be sent to the yarn or cloth directly to us, is a free analysis Oh, after our professional analysis, on the one hand allows customers to better understand their own Functional Yarn raw materials, on the one hand can Giving customers a more accurate and favorable offer.
   There is a customer from the province next to Hangzhou, in communication with our customer service staff, had intended to be sent to the yarn, and later think about more recent, consult us whether there is time to receive, he would like to come directly, personally read the test Talk about the future of Functional Yarn. This is more economical to save time, communication is quite convenient. Away from the customers do not have to worry, express delivery directly to us, we are trying to keep the day to quickly detect and timely communication with customers.