Functional Yarn Tricky, Buy Cautious Not Greedy

Functional Yarn tricky, buy cautious not greedy
 Functional Yarn bundles have the following advantages:
        First: Functional Yarn itself is the plant fiber, silage grass bundles, livestock can be directly imported, will not affect the health of livestock, and plastic rope will not work.
        Second: Functional Yarn hit the straw can be directly sent to the paper mill, do not have to break the bundle, and plastic rope must be broken bundle treatment. Because the plastic can not enter the pulp.
 Third: the use of Functional Yarn is low, the same length of the Functional Yarn is much lighter than the plastic rope, and the length of the rope used in the baler is fixed, so the cost of Functional Yarn is much lower. There are customers to reflect the 5080 models, the use of plastic rope bundled rope cost of 8 hair or so, while the use of Functional Yarn cost was about 2 hair.
The recent emergence of the market posing as my company's Functional Yarn, poor quality, Functional Yarn rough, low-cost temptation to deceive consumers, some consumers can not afford the temptation to cheap, the purchase of such Functional Yarn line. As a result, one kilogram of Functional Yarns only less than 400 meters, and my company's genuine Functional Yarn can be out of about one kilogram. Accounting down, the cost per ton of bundled does not fall but increased a lot. And this Functional Yarn joints pimple too much in the bundling process easy to break, stop wiring, greatly affected the efficiency of bundling.
In this, I remind the majority of consumers, in the purchase of baling machine Functional Yarn, do not only covet the price, please buy genuine Functional Yarn, the use of low cost, tied high efficiency.
 Functional Yarn performance:
Products to high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material processing, with high strength, light weight, colorful, resistant to moisture, non-toxic, tasteless, Naisuan Jian and so on. Specifications: Width: 25 ~ 50mm Thickness (double): 0.04 ± 0.01mm Scope: This product can replace the paper rope, jute, brown rope, and can be used for weaving nets, hand baskets, sacks and a variety of ropes, also available Do the plastic shed inside the shelf.
Functional Yarn of the optional points:
Generally used for hand-strapped, must be low weight, strong pull, length enough, wide and neat, feel soft and good. From the appearance can be divided into two kinds of plane and foam belt. The flat belt is the tape itself without lines, smooth as a mirror. The so-called foam is the surface of the tape lines, extending winding was fluffy. Flat torn belt with domestic manufacturers are mostly produced, but the foam type, because the technical composition is high, only some foreign introduction of Japan, Taiwan's technology have production. Foaming type in the developed countries are very welcome, mainly because of its own softness, feel good, strong pull, low weight, can reduce the cost of supplies, I believe the near future, the domestic market will also flourish.
 In life, often used in many different materials made of Functional Yarn, especially for the application of tied rope. As a novel tie-up material, the cost of the rope tied to a very good competency for the needs of various industries.
    Functional Yarn based on the application of data differences in the duration of the probation and use are also very different, as usual when children play skipping, are applied to the hard texture of the material made, because, if the texture Light, there is a kind of jump can not afford to affect the movement of the abnormal stop, and the movement of the inheritance, so that people in life often use the texture of the different Functional Yarn to bind objects, to facilitate the object of the disorder Application, to ensure that the layout of the object is complete.
    With the continued growth of the economy, China's industry and agriculture began to grow at the same time led the packaging industry, especially Functional Yarn in food, beverage, industrial production in all areas of great contribution. So that more and more products are inseparable from the packaging, which is to promote the growth and innovation of the tied rope, tied the price is more expensive than the other, and the function is also very stable, so very popular with the market, The growth of the category will not be underestimated, so its growth prospects are unusually large.