Good New For Textile Market ,the Price Changing Trend Of Material

First, from the perspective of the fabric market

The composite fabric price index closed at 98.89 points, up 0.26 points from the previous session. Recently, the textile market once again ushered in the market order, the order volume of printing and dyeing factory increased significantly, many factories began to appear crowded queuing phenomenon. At the same time, the vaccine frequently good news, the market confidence in the next year, the price of chemical fiber fabrics increased slightly.

Second, from the perspective of the raw material market

Chemical fibers edged up to close at 101.47, up 0.30 points from the previous session. Polyester filament yarn market performance is good today, some manufacturers bid up. Tongxiang New Fengming polyester price rose, now POY 75D/72F quotation 5650, 150D/144F quotation 5500, 150D/288F quotation 5600. FDY 50D/24F quotation 7000, 75D/36F quotation 6300, 150D/96F quotation 5700. Shengze Sheng Hong chemical polyester fiber quotation rose, now its POY 150D/144F quoted 5550 yuan/ton, 150D/288F quoted 5550 yuan/ton, half light FDY 50D/24F quoted 6950 yuan/ton, 50D/72F quoted 7000 yuan/ton.