High Elastic Polyester Colored PBTdty Dope Dyed Yarn For Making Fabric , Swimsuit,socks And Underwear

high elastic polyester colored PBTdty dope dyed yarn for making fabric , swimsuit,socks and underwear

Along with the growing demand of High Elasic Yarn, our company successfully developed PBT High Elastic Yarn, which canbe used in quite brand areas.

The present PBT market situation is unstable quality and high price, which cause the high costly waste.

Our own PBT yarn has been tested by clients with good feedback and good reputation.


We wish to cooperate with more clients from different countries, and promot this economy and good quality product to your market.


it can replace the nylon,its  elastic is better than nylon, and its deformation is very little, and the stability of this product is very good. and the price is  cheap.