How Does Functional Yarn Bundle Something Strong?

Things include a variety of, a square, round, strip, etc., Functional Yarn tied methods are not the same. In the case of transport, if only to prevent the spread of leakage, Functional Yarn tied on the line. But to hang, then we must consider the balance, as well as tied knot or knot the problem.
Square and bar, tied two, pay attention to balance. The general amount of the bar is more, feet down step on both hands pull, while hard, and then Functional Yarn two ends. Round to use mesh to tie. Common two: (1) "cross" tied method. (2) "well shape" tied method.
Functional Yarn is no stranger to me, is a thing we are standing in our lives, and can be used by all walks of life, but many people buy Functional Yarn and do not understand how to use it correctly. That Functional Yarn what norms of the use of principles, can be bundled directly, in fact, different industries Functional Yarn use is not the same, for the specification requirements are different, the following brief introduction. First of all, Functional Yarn in the use of time, is not the phenomenon of knotting, and can not be directly linked to the use of hooks, so as not to cause wear and tear, affecting normal use. Second, once the use of more frequent, then we should pay attention to regular observation, if there are abnormal damage and other phenomena, to be replaced in time, and the various parts of the rope can not be arbitrarily disassembled. Finally, pay attention to the use of the rope is a shelf life, in general, is three years, if there is an exception in need of early retirement, to avoid unnecessary trouble. From the above can be seen, Functional Yarn to properly regulate the use of this can effectively reduce the trouble in the purchase of the time also pay attention to quality, and now the market Functional Yarn more mixed, the price is not uniform, be sure to keep your eyes, Covet a moment of cheap, formal strength of the quality of the manufacturers still have
(1) Functional Yarn must be carefully checked before use, if found to have reduced the use of macular. There is a ban on the use of rat urine, do the jacks, Functional Yarn's load is not greater than the use of tension.
(2) Functional Yarn is generally used for bundling, hoisting and masting of lighter objects.
(3) For the additional bending and wear of Functional Yarn for the pulley pulley block, the diameter of the pulley should be more than 10 times larger than the Functional Yarn diameter and the radius of the rope groove should be one fourth greater than the radius of the Functional Yarn.
(4) In use, if Functional Yarn is distorted, try to shake it straight so as not to damage Functional Yarn's internal fibers and not allow Functional Yarn to drag on sharp or rough objects to reduce Functional Yarn's strength and shorten service life.
(5) In the case of binding objects, should avoid Functional Yarn directly with the object at the sharp contact with sacks or wood and other pads.
(6) the old Functional Yarn surface uniform wear does not exceed 30% of diameter, local damage does not exceed 20% of diameter.
(7) Functional Yarn should not be used in places where corrosive chemicals (such as acids and alkalis) are used. Store in a well-ventilated and dry floor, do not be dampened.
(8) New Functional Yarn Uncoiler should be used in the direction of winding, the use of one end of the rope on the bottom, pull out the rope from the volume, so as not to knot.
(9) When knitting Functional Yarn, the length of the loosening is about 10 times the diameter of Functional Yarn. Each Functional Yarn requires more than 20-30 centimeters in length. The above basic overview Functional Yarn technical specifications in use to avoid accidents.
Functional Yarn is made of a piece of wood called hemp. In fact, hemp is very fragile, generally planted in the ditch, not planted on the ground. Because, numbness encountered wind break, planting in the ditch to shelter. When the autumn harvest, people down into the ditch, with the sickle sticking the root cut off the lin, tied into a bundle of bundles. And then into the pond soak. Because of the small proportion of hemp, floating on the water does not sink, can not be completely immersed in water, people use stones on a bundle of bundles of hemp, until completely sunk into the water. This soaking process is called retting. Not retting the hemp can peel off the skin, but very fragile, easy to break, almost no use.