How To Improve The Quality Of PET Yarn Lubrication

How to improve the quality of PET Yarn lubrication
PET Yarn oil is divided into two kinds, one is the impregnation method, the other is the contact method. In the dipping method, you can choose the following lubricants include: cationic silicone silicone emulsion (milk) and silicone wax emulsion. In the contact method, you can choose three kinds of lubricating oil: wire silicone oil (line oil), 201 methyl silicone oil and (anhydrous) silicone emulsion. The products listed above, performance from low to high. Of course, the same product, different manufacturers have different production. For example, for the dipping method under the silicone wax emulsion, do well, it can be completely adsorbed to the PET Yarn, and finally only keep the water down, no pollution, clean and convenient. There are such as contact under the 201 methyl silicone oil, domestic products compared to imported products, the use of slightly less than.
Why silicone wax is the best PET Yarn lubricants? In principle, silicone wax can stay on the surface of PET Yarn for longer periods of time. We know that the structure of PET Yarn is fluffy. In this case, after the oil is supplied to the PET Yarn, the oil is easily penetrated into the inside of the wire. If the oil into the line to the inside, PET Yarn and where will there be a good lubrication? Therefore, in the silicone wax did not appear before the line manufacturers by raising the oil rate approach to ensure the line lubrication performance. But there are problems with this. There is no doubt that the cost is improved first. In addition, the line of oil more than a line of clean work on the big. In addition, the use of a problem, such as embroidery embroidery a pattern, the use of very dense lines. Your oil on the line more than one, in the ironing time, the oil will seep out to contaminate other places.
Foreign as early as the eighties of last century found that silicon wax products, than pure silicone oil is more superior. Because it is a complex of silicone oil and wax. In the above we know that silicone oil easily penetrate into the interior of the line, but wax as a solid but can stay on the surface of the line. We also know that wax is also a good lubrication products. At the same time, there are many kinds of wax, for different needs, silicone wax can be compounded into the composition of antistatic agents, softener ingredients and so on. In this way, not only can provide good lubricity, PET Yarn of other properties can also be greatly improved!
Since the wax is so good, can we use wax directly? Now there are such products, such as wax ring, and then such as line oil, in fact, line oil is a small amount of silicone oil with a lot of white oil (white oil is a wax). However, the poor temperature of the wax greatly limits the use of wax oil.
PET Yarns are always used on the sewing machine. Now PET Yarns are getting faster and faster. China generally around 5000 needles / min, abroad in the 7000-8000 needle / minute or so, faster to reach 9000 needles / minute. At this speed, it can be inferred that the temperature of the sewing machine needle is certainly very high! While the wax at high temperatures, will carbonize coke. If the PET Yarn is wax, then, at high speed through the sewing machine pinhole, it will slowly coke in the pinhole, the final result is to block the pinhole, broken line shutdown. Silicon is resistant to high temperatures and has a cleaning effect. When the wax in the pinhole carbonization, the silicon can take it in time to keep the pinhole flow. Therefore, silicone wax complexes can meet high-speed sewing needs.