International Oil Prices Rose, Chemical Fiber Index Improve Slightly

First, from the fabric market

The chemical fiber fabric price index closed at 100.06 points, up 0.13 points from the previous session.

Recent weaving market clinch a deal the overall mood is general, manufacturers are doing more mop-up, new single clinch a deal, have many orders, at the early stage of the busy market barely do flat production and sales, inventories remain at around 40 and 41 days, focused on the elastic fabrics, emulation silk fabrics, shipment on probability, as workers has already started to return home, individual manufacturer starts fell, at 7-8, early is better than market overall demand.


Second, from the perspective of raw material market

Chemical Fibers also gained slightly to close at 104.13, up 0.18 points from the previous session.


New York crude futures for March delivery rose 56 cents to settle at 52.98 yuan a barrel on Tuesday, while Brent futures for March delivery rose $1.15 to settle at 55.90. Asia PX rose 3.5 to 667.5FOB Korea and 685.5CFR China. European PX rose $3.50 to $618 / ton FOB Rotterdam. Now the price of FDY 50D/72F is around RMB 7,900 / ton, the price of PTA is slightly shaken, the utilization rate of weaving enterprises begins to decline successively, the international oil price rises slightly, the warehouse replenishing of weaving enterprises is coming to an end, and the yarn buying is sporty. The price of polyester filament may be stable in the future.