New Nylon Yarn Standards Meet High Requirements

New Nylon Yarn standards meet high requirements

With the miniaturization of the automobile, the high sexual energy of electronic and electrical equipment, the process of lightweight mechanical equipment is accelerated, the demand for Nylon Yarn will be much higher. Nylon, especially as a structural material, has made high demands on its strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.

The following new standards for Nylon Yarn:

(1) high strength, can withstand load for a long time;

(2) good resilience, bending and not deforming, while remaining resilient and resisting repeated shocks;

(3) wear-resistant self-lubricating, providing better performance than bronze cast iron carbon steel and phenolic laminate to lubricate the application without oil (or deoiling), reduce consumption and save energy;

(4) noise absorption and shock absorption, MC nylon modulus is much smaller than metal, and the attenuation of vibration is large, providing a practical way to avoid the noise of metal.

(5) MC nylon has a low hardness and no damage to the mill.

(6) MC nylon is limited to the following environments and media:

A, use the temperature over 120 ℃ for a long time;

B, strong acid, phenol, sodium chlorate, barium chloride, etc.

Nylon Yarn has better fluidity and dispersibility in nylon. Nylon can be improved significantly by adding a small amount (5-8%) in nylon, and it can be made to be super resistant to cold nylon when the addition of the toughener is 12 to 20 percent. At the same time the toughening agent can greatly improve the nylon and glass fiber, talc, mica, flame retardants and other inorganic filler of cohesiveness, made of modified, enhanced, flame retardant nylon tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength, low temperature resistance performance has improved obviously; Moreover, the toughening agent has the same effect on the toughness of regenerative nylon and regenerative reinforced flame retardant nylon.

So what are the three important features of Nylon Yarn? Let's analyze it together:

First, Nylon Yarn has good physical and mechanical properties: its surface hardness, nylon bars and high tensile strength, bending strength and impact strength and high ductility

Second, excellent chemical stability: nylon bars can be weakly alkaline chemicals, alcohols, esters, copper, and hydrocarbon oil.

Third, cold and heat resistance of scope: nylon is in 60 ℃ to maintain a certain degree of mechanical strength, heat resistance temperature is 80-120 ℃.

In the above various Nylon Yarn, it is widely used in disk Nylon Yarn. The inner hole of the disk Nylon Yarn is more accurate cylindrical hole and spline hole. Its rim has one or several donuts. The structure of single tooth ring Nylon Yarn is the best, and any kind of tooth machining method can be used to process gear teeth. Double or triple ring Nylon Yarn. When the axial distance between the rim of the wheel is less than an hour, the selection of the machining method of the small tooth ring tooth shape is limited, and it is usually used only with the insert tooth. If small ring gear accuracy requirement is high, need pure rolling or abrasive machining, and the axial spacing on the design and not allowed to increase, more than the ring gear can be Nylon Yarn into a single ring gear combination of Nylon Yarn structure, to improve the technology of processing.