Nylon Yarn Research And Development Was Diversified Trend

Nylon Yarn research and development was diversified trend
 In order to seize market share, more and more Nylon Yarn enterprises in China to the differentiation of products, new fiber direction, Nylon Yarn product development presents a diversified trend.

Recently, Nantong Shuanghong Nylon Yarn Co., Ltd. newly developed new products: Yilong ultra-imitation cotton yarn, moisture perspiration yarn, moisture insulation yarn, can be stained polypropylene yarn, Viloft yarn, anti-fog PM2.5 antibacterial Yarn, recycled polyester yarn, silk yarn, such as imitation by the majority of customers of all ages. "Yilun ultra-imitation cotton yarn is mainly Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company developed a new type of fiber as raw materials. The product combines a close spinning, 赛 spinning, tight match spinning, all poly spinning technology, developed a variety of smooth, Spinning, blended yarn, with a soft touch, moisture and quick drying and other functions. "Nantong Shuanghong Nylon Yarn Co., Ltd. relevant person in charge of Cui Yihuai said.

In addition to Yi Lun ultra-imitation cotton yarn, Viloft yarn is also in recent years, Nantong Shuanghong widely promoted products. It is understood that Viloft yarn its main raw material is from the natural artificial forest trees in the wood pulp extracted, the large number of raw materials and renewable, will not cause predatory exploitation of resources. In addition the product is particularly bulky, good elasticity, good warmth, with cashmere-like light, comfortable and soft.

Cui Yihuai said that the future of Nantong Shuanghong one will continue to do the original product, to consolidate the brand status; the other hand, the active application of new spinning technology, new raw materials equipment, new spinning equipment, the development of new fiber yarn, Value-added yarn, through product innovation, to promote enterprises to mention file upgrade.

Products to differentiated, the direction of the development of new fiber is not only Nantong Shuanghong, Texas Huayuan Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. over the years committed to differentiated, new fiber production and application development, product development presents a diversified development direction. To the company's latest Huayuan color spinning products, for example, the product is a combination of "green, recycling, low-carbon" concept introduced a new type of original color spinning, using different spinning methods, the application of viscose, wood Dyer and other cellulose pure spinning and blending with cotton or other functional fibers, into the latest popular colors, to create a differentiated fashion textile yarn.

In part of the cotton Nylon Yarn enterprises to differentiated, new fiber and other non-cotton fiber development at the same time, another part of the cotton Nylon Yarn enterprises are choosing to invest in cotton products, to the direction of high-end development. Wuxi City, the first cotton nylon mill to rely on years of continuous innovation, to the limit of the impact of spinning, through the Jiangnan University of production and research cooperation, the success of the key technology to break the high yarn spinning, and to achieve industrial production, yarn quality To achieve world-class level. Although Wuxi a cotton in the high-end products reached the world's top level, but like Wuxi, a cotton-like enterprises in the industry is not much, cotton Nylon Yarn enterprises in the high-end products still need to be strengthened.