Pest Control Nylon Yarn Application Price Trend Has Slowed Down Significantly

Pest control Nylon Yarn application price trend has slowed down significantly
Nylon Yarn is woven with nylon screens sieve 1. Greenhouse cover: the pest control Nylon Yarn directly covered in the shed, surrounded by soil or brick pressure compaction. Shed pressure line to tighten, to prevent the summer strong wind opened. Stay in the main door cover, easy access. Usually come in and out to close the door, to prevent the butterfly moth flying shed shed eggs. At the same time, but also often check the pest control Nylon Yarn with or without tearing (especially the longer life), once found to be timely repair, to ensure that the indoor pests without pests.

2. small arch cover: bamboo or steel bent into the arch in the field Qimian, the pest control nylon sarong cover on the arch, after watering directly poured on the Internet, until the harvest are not open network, the implementation of the whole blockade Cover.
According to the organization statistics, there are seventy thousand people worldwide pesticide poisoning, of which nearly 20,000 people were killed. In recent years, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health statistics, the number of pesticide poisoning occurred each year more than 100,000 people. All of these poisoning is mostly due to vegetable residues caused by pesticide poisoning poison! This is how shocking. From the vegetable pesticide pollution so that we see the promotion of the use of pest control Nylon Yarn urgency.

Pest control Nylon Yarn application range

Leafy vegetables are cultivated in urban and rural areas in summer and autumn, with fast growth and short cycle characteristics, but the field of insect pests, pesticide pollution, the public dare not eat. The use of insect-resistant nylon sarong cover cultivation can greatly reduce pesticide pollution.
② eggplant, melon insect nectar nylon sarong cover cultivation. Eggplant, melon summer and autumn prone to viral disease, the application of pest control Nylon Yarn, the aphid pathways to intercept the virus to reduce the risk of virus disease. ③ nursery. Every year from June to August, is the autumn and winter vegetables breeding season, but also high humidity, heavy rain, frequent pests, nursery difficult. The use of pest control Nylon Yarn after the high emergence rate of vegetables, seedling rate is high, good quality seedlings, which won the initiative to produce autumn and winter vegetables, "net, bed, scattered" combination of farmers according to their own number of breeding to properly transform the chicken coop, Indoor ground for the cement floor, with windows and windows, so that the smooth flow of smooth enough light, and do a good job net bed, cages, three-dimensional three-tier is appropriate. How much of the net bed to set the number of chickens, generally by 45-20 / square meter to calculate (pre-density).

The first layer of the net bed is 40 cm high above the ground, 30 cm high in the net bed, 20 cm between the upper and lower layers, and the top of the bed should be placed on the top of the bed. The cages are used. Wood or white bamboo, the bed around the bottom and the bottom with 1 cm × 1 cm mesh plastic net fixed, barrel and drinking water are placed in the net bed. The garden woodland surrounded by Nylon Yarn, every 2-3 meters to play a pile, the Nylon Yarn tied to the pile, relying on the ground side of the network with the soil compaction.
The area of the enclosure is generally less than 1.5 square meters per chicken, the wider the better. Buy off the temperature of the chicks (already by the brooding chicks) to 1 kg body weight in the net bed feeding, 1 kg after the slaughter period in the circle of forest land stocking (rain and frost snow days Into), feeding to do material, water constantly, free feed. Breeding, chicken flow range is small, chicken body energy consumption less, weight gain; chickens in the enclosure of the garden forest backyard, can prey on wild weeds and biological insects, change the food structure, meat taste good to keep the chicken Fleshy taste ① economic benefits. Pest control Nylon Yarn cage cover, can achieve the production of vegetables do not fight medicine or less medicine, and thus provincial medicine, provincial labor festival. The use of pest control Nylon Yarn, although the increase in production costs, but because the pest control Nylon Yarn long life (4-6 years), the use of a long time (5-10 months), and can be used more stubble (planting leafy vegetables can produce 6 -8 stubble), each stubble into the low cost (catastrophic effect is more significant). Good quality vegetables (no or less pesticide contamination), yield effect is good.