PET Yarn High Profit Is No Longer Much Attractive?

PET Yarn high profit is no longer much attractive?
 In recent years, China's natural cotton yarn industry profit margins have shrunk dramatically, while the PET Yarn is due to higher value-added industry recognized by the industry. At present, China's PET Yarn varieties continue to increase, the quality of the grade has improved significantly, as the cotton industry, the characteristics of products and achieve economic growth highlights. But recently found that more and more enterprises began to feel, PET Yarn profits began to shrink sharply, far less than the previous two years.

PET Yarn in the same yarn can show a variety of colors, rich colors, full and soft. Due to a variety of fiber shrinkage or color difference, the yarn woven into the fabric after the finishing process, will make the fabric showing a rich color, soft color, three-dimensional strong style, PET Yarn products have become Leading the fashion trend of the important elements. In addition, PET Yarn with environmental protection, fashion and other characteristics, suitable for small quantities, multi-species production, is the survival of small and medium enterprises in China to find a better choice. But the industry said that into the field of PET Yarn, there is a certain technical threshold, blindly increase investment, will cause the industry's vicious competition, thus disrupting the market order, damage the interests of enterprises themselves. Only from the color spinning process innovation, color spinning technology and the development of new colored fiber three aspects of the application, in order to always maintain a high value-added products.
High profits to attract business investment
In October this year, the Shanghai yarn show, the reporter found that Shandong Lianrun Textile New Materials Co., Ltd. ad hoc Shandong Lianrun Textile Technology Co., Ltd. booth, this reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the company. The official said that the company decided in April this year, the new 60,000 match spinning spinning project, the project is to make full use of the company's existing talent technology advantages, rich product line, the project plans to invest 300 million yuan, The introduction of more than 230 sets of advanced equipment at home and abroad, the construction of 60,000 color spinning production line.
PET Yarn as a fine industry in the textile industry, and "the first spinning, after dyeing," compared to the traditional process, because of its "first dyeing, after spinning," the new technology Means to shorten the follow-up processing enterprises of the production process, greatly reducing the production costs, with high added value. Especially the groundbreaking solution to the traditional dyeing and finishing industry, the problem of large pollution, greatly reducing energy consumption and environmental damage. PET Yarn line can achieve a variety of fiber combinations to solve the different fiber interwoven or blended fabric dyeing can not pass the problem, can achieve small batch, multi-species production, so that spinning enterprises in the market have strong market competitiveness, and Color spinning products with personalized, diversified, fashion, low-carbon environmental protection concept. But at present, China's production of PET Yarn line is not high, compared with the proportion of the entire yarn production capacity is smaller. However, in the cotton industry suffered the situation in the winter, many enterprises to do the color yarn began to plan to turn to the production of PET Yarn.