PET Yarn Is Working Hard

PET Yarn is working hard
The face of the yarn market changes, many businesses do not know how to chase the market, often when you see some slim, you chase it is moths to the fire. We never chase what kind of yarn production, only a firm and solid to do their own special yarn, do strong is the better pursuit of fine. Like we introduce a more cater to the market of yarn - PET Yarn. PET Yarn a personalized yarn, its style and diverse, useful use of light, there is a benefit is for its style are customized production, the face of fabric and other knitted goods to change the style, ready to adjust, There is no inventory of the backlog.
  We have to do PET Yarn line for several decades, witnessed the PET Yarn line of step by step development, it can be said PET Yarn line has been buried in the forward. It is not like some of the yarn suddenly hot for some time, and suddenly no light a shadow, so many businesses caught by surprise.
 PET Yarn, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It looks like a fiber is held on the core of the stock, like a brush. Very optimistic about the PET Yarn market, PET Yarn fabric gives a thick feeling, with high-end luxury, soft, suede full, drape good, good water absorption characteristics of a bit. To see the advantages of these, you imagine it to use it on the fabric of it?
  PET Yarn most used in clothing, less hair sets, bedspreads, bedspreads, blankets, wall ornaments, curtains and other interior decoration jewelry, can also be used directly as a knitting line. See its use, especially its a warmth, we all know its shortcomings, and that is the seasonal restrictions.
Recently, the summer heat, we arranged a lot of PET Yarn orders for the cold weather materials, fabric and prepared.
Say PET Yarn this is good, that good, things are both sides of the sex, with you to talk about the shortcomings of PET Yarn. First understand the definition of PET Yarn, it is in a yarn with two or more colors on the yarn, the color of the mix with the length of the adjustment of color, can weave a different style. It is because of this feature it is favored by many people, feel more personalized. But you have no, PET Yarn this color and color of different lengths of the characteristics, it is not available from stock. No one factory know what you need is, are to customize the production. Customization will take time to wait, the shortcomings of the need for PET Yarn line of customers, especially when the dye factory is busy, it is not a sudden death.
  But think about it, PET Yarn need to customize this shortcomings relative to the other what the quality of instability, ah or the like is acceptable to accept. Today's fabrics are summer materials, winter is almost ready, we know this shortcoming, you can need time to customize some time ago And this time is not to say that wasted, after a lot of raw materials to cure to go to the printing, these steps it does not need their own special style of the fabric makes the fabric is more distinctive.
  Know thyself, ever-victorious. Like and pursue PET Yarn, to understand its shortcomings more thoroughly, so that we can better play its characteristics.
Thousands of miles begins with a single step, in the era of individuality, how can we ill-treat our feet it! Touching more cool and more like PET Yarn, so that your socks to wear both comfortable and tricks. Like NIKE sports socks on the use of multi-color PET Yarn raw materials, our production of PET Yarn application customers, not just socks series, as well as clothes, hats and other knitted items in a wide range of use.
  PET Yarn a lot of benefits, and you said one of the two. PET Yarn simple with a few colors, the distance of the regulation, it is not a re-like products. PET Yarn features give the product diversity, personalized features. PET Yarn a yarn can be used with a few colors, for the fabric product design, production has a lot of benefits, simply adjust the weaving method, you can have more style, there is no need for more time fabric And the processing of the process, directly can be very attractive products.