PET Yarn Market Prospects For The Lack Of Industry Standards Into The Biggest Problem

PET Yarn market prospects for the lack of industry standards into the biggest problem
According to the relevant agencies released "2014-2018 China Security Industry Forecast and Investment Strategy Research Report" shows that at present, China's security industry scale is expanding, from 2008 onwards, the security industry output growth rate for five consecutive years to maintain at 20% Around the high range, in 2012, the total output value has reached 320 billion yuan. As of the end of 2013, China's security enterprises have reached about 30,000, when the new enterprises in about 5%, security industry output value reached 365 billion yuan, of which security products output value of about 165 billion yuan, security engineering and service industry is about 2000 Billion industry to achieve the added value of about 130 billion yuan. According to the "China Security Industry Development Plan for the 12th Five-Year Plan" is expected in 2015, China's security industry output value will exceed 500 billion yuan.
With the rapid development of the security industry, but also led to the use of PET Yarn continued to increase year by year. According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 the domestic security industry wire and cable products demand for 40 billion yuan, according to the proportion of estimates, to the "second five" end of the year, 2015 PET Yarn industry output value will reach 7.3 billion. The rapid development of the PET Yarn market has attracted a large number of manufacturers to participate.
These manufacturers can be divided into two categories: the first is a considerable size of the state-owned or joint-stock PET Yarn enterprises, PET Yarn is only one of the products. Such manufacturers of strong technical force, product quality and reliable, but because the production of professional enough, or because of the management system factors lead to higher production costs, so there is a high market price, long delivery cycle shortcomings; Personal investment in the nature of small manufacturers, because of the lack of funds and other reasons, a single product specifications, quality is difficult to protect, to some extent there are fake and shoddy, cut corners, lack of rice less code situation. Such products used in construction, often constitute a variety of hidden dangers for the system. But because of the familiarity of local market conditions, rich network of resources, coupled with operational flexibility, in the region can also occupy the appropriate market share.
But throughout the industry, business varies greatly, most of them are all over the country in the small and medium enterprises, the foundation is relatively weak. According to incomplete investigation statistics, more than 70% of the industry engaged in the security industry, PET Yarn manufacturers, due to restrictions on all aspects of its production tools are still using the domestic seven or eighty years of equipment, some manufacturers even use regular manufacturers out Of the equipment, and even no professional testing equipment and testing methods, the production process management confusion.
Security systems often need outdoor temperature, water, UV, fire retardant, acid and alkali and anti-rat ants and other special circumstances, the system used in the wire and cable should have special technical requirements. The current security industry, PET Yarn manufacturers smaller manufacturers, can not form industrial advantages, production capacity, research and development capabilities and management and other aspects of the limitations of a certain extent, have affected the reliability of product quality, resulting in security systems engineering transmission The effectiveness can not be fully protected, thus affecting the quality of the entire security project.
Some of the current industry enterprises are also fully aware of this, some mainstream enterprises have also increased investment in equipment funds. PET Yarn industry's leading high-precision anti-die, laser caliper, on-line testing equipment and serial production lines, automatic Penma meter, automatic circle and other advanced equipment in the production of large-scale use of the link. High-performance advanced equipment not only greatly improve the quality of the product, but also effectively control the loss of materials, improve production speed and reduce production costs.
Of course, China's PET Yarn industry there are many unsatisfactory places, such as the biggest problem is the lack of standards. As we all know, although the development of China's security industry has been more than three decades, but until now, China's PET Yarn industry is still no strict industry standards, and even in product selection and application standards, etc., is still in the "vacuum zone " But everything is a process from scratch, as long as the PET Yarn companies work together, joint efforts, PET Yarn industry, although the status quo worrying, but the prospects are bright.