PET Yarn Rope Production Details Determine Safety

PET Yarn rope production details determine safety
PET Yarn in the usual industrial production, outdoor cleaning, fire and other work has a wide range of applications, so its production is also a very rigorous process, may be a small food may lead to security problems. Compared to the value of 100,000 yuan or even millions of heavy equipment, PET Yarn can be described as small parts. From the feed to the processing, from storage to transport, all quality and these can not "hanging" to lightly the details of the relevant, they are heavy equipment, lifting, transport security. "
All along, the domestic enterprises for PET Yarn production is not very seriously, the lifting of the equipment is relatively simple, which is our equipment manufacturing industry do not match the identity of large countries. A military industrial enterprises export products even use only wire rope to ship, which has become a laughing stock of foreign customers. PET Yarn is a guarantee of auxiliary links, spend money will not directly see the benefits, so many business managers believe that some of the money spent in the above wrong. But they did not think that this link if the problem, the loss of business will be greater.
Enterprises on the role of PET Yarn is not enough attention, one of the reasons is due to the current domestic PET Yarn suppliers are mixed, a lot of low quality and low price of PET Yarn is essentially ordinary rope, and even the minimum use of the instructions are not, What can be used in specific circumstances? What can not be used? What is the carrying capacity? The lack of these important data makes the user's security awareness more weak. "Some companies buy security equipment just to see the size of their equipment aperture, although the enterprise to save some money, but it is very dangerous." Years of experience so many buyers talk about these seem worried.
(1) PET Yarns are only suitable for the use of lifting tools and portable parts of the movement and lifting, or lifting the workpiece hand rope, in the mechanical drive crane can not be used. (2) PET Yarns shall not be twisted in one direction to avoid loosening or twisting. Found the above phenomenon, should be promptly eliminated. (3) PET Yarn use, is strictly prohibited with sharp objects in direct contact, such as can not be avoided when the pad to protect the object. (4) PET Yarns shall be less than 10 when used as a running rope; the safety factor shall not be less than 12 when used as a rope. (5) PET Yarns shall not be in contact with corrosive media such as acids and bases. (6) PET Yarn should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, shall not be hot and damp. (7) PET Yarn should be carefully checked before use, when the surface uniform wear does not exceed 30% of the diameter, local contact does not exceed 10% of the same diameter, the diameter reduction can be reduced to use. Such as local injury and local corrosion serious, can be cut off the damaged part of the use of plug. (8) When the PET Yarn is used in the pulley block, the diameter of the pulley shall be 10 times larger than the diameter of the PET Yarn. The radius of the rope groove shall be greater than 1/4 of the radius of the PET Yarn.
PET Yarn we are no stranger, in many occasions have applications, such as packaging, strapping, greenhouses, bonsai, etc., will see, PET Yarn in the white palm rope pull is relatively strong, and have a good wear Rub, corrosion resistance, so it will be widely used in lifting operations, so how to use PET Yarn safely? Here's a brief introduction. 1, PET Yarn in the use of bundled hoisting, generally applicable to the relatively small weight of the object. 2, PET Yarn before use must be carefully checked, once the same is to stop using, such as PET Yarn found on the macula, then we must reduce the use. 3, when the use of PET Yarn, if there is a distorted phenomenon, then it should be timely shaking straight, and in use can not be placed on the sharp or rough objects on the pull, so as not to affect the strength and shorten the life of use. 4, PET Yarn used in the use of jackets, pay attention to the load can not be too much, can not be greater than the use of tension. 5, PET Yarn bundled objects, can not be a touch to a sharp place, you should use sacks or wood as a liner. 6, PET Yarn can not be used for corrosive areas, stored in the ventilation of the floor, can not be damp. 7, PET Yarn for the pulley group, the rope groove radius is greater than the PET Yarn radius of the quarter, the pulley diameter to more than ten times. 8, the use of new PET Yarn, to avoid knotting, you can pull the rope from the inside of the PET Yarn roll. Be visible when using PET Yarn to pay attention to the relevant matters, to avoid accidents.