Printing And Dyeing Factory Grey Cloth Queuing, Weaving Frequent Big Orders! The Market Ushered In The Best Time To Prepare Goods

Since the end of August, the goods on the market have begun to move. September October is the traditional peak season of textile industry, there has been a "gold nine silver ten", this is mainly a autumn and winter fabric stocking cycle. And this year, the cycle seems to have advanced the trend.

Now some fabrics flow smoothly, it is not so much that the market improved, but more that the expected demand return, downstream stock is full. As news of the vaccine's success emerged and parts of the foreign trade market began to recover, people began to turn optimistic about the future. Cheap raw materials, dyeing cost price, but also now become the best opportunity for textile enterprises to prepare goods in advance.

And from the experience of previous years, September October is the peak season of textile market, but not the peak season of polyester raw materials. This year, under the impact of the epidemic, polyester filament profit has been greatly compressed, inventory has reached a record high, Boss Bu also has some doubts about buying large quantities of raw materials.

But on the other hand, under the pressure of a lot of bad, polyester filament price has reached the historical low, now out of bad, as long as there is a little good, polyester will rise

source: Huaxian tou tiao