Secretly Tell You PET Yarn Also Has Shortcomings

Secretly tell you PET Yarn also has shortcomings
 Say PET Yarn is good, that's good, things are both sides of the sex, with you to talk about the shortcomings of PET Yarn. First understand the definition of the next PET Yarn, it is in a yarn on the two or more than two kinds of color yarn, the color of the color with the adjustment of the length of time, can weave a different style. It is because of this feature it is favored by many people, feel more personalized. But you have no, PET Yarn this color and color of different lengths of the characteristics, it is not available from stock. No one factory know what you need is, are to customize the production. Customization will take time to wait, the shortcomings of the need for PET Yarn line customers, especially when the dye factory is busy, it is not a sudden death.
  But think about it, PET Yarn to be customized to this shortcomings relative to the other what the quality of instability, ah or the like is acceptable to accept. Today's fabrics are summer materials, winter is almost ready, we know this shortcoming, you can need time to customize some time ago And this time is not to say that wasted, after a lot of raw materials to cure to go to the printing, these steps it does not need their own special style of the fabric makes the fabric is more distinctive.
  Know thyself, ever-victorious. Like and the pursuit of PET Yarn, the shortcomings of its understanding of a more thorough, so that we can better play its characteristics.
 PET Yarn characteristics is a yarn can be two or more than two kinds of collocation, there are six, eight kinds of colors with. Like the color of today's colorful, the international Pantone color number in the number of people, but the number of these colors and then with each other, it is colorful.
  Pink PET Yarn with the depth of the mix, like the blooming flowers; green PET Yarn with the depth of the mix, like the growth of grass; there are orange PET Yarn with the depth of the mix, giving a warm feeling. There are more colors of the combination of PET Yarn, color from life, innovation in life, to retain the beautiful colors of life, add colorful life.
  PET Yarn unknowingly has been integrated into the life of many products inside, and now more and more by everyone's welcome and love
Say PET Yarn can be colorful, multi-color, diverse. When you see the yarn of the PET Yarn, the color blocks are not so clear; when you see the cloth, it is already the style of the intertwined colors. What is more, or with two multi-color PET Yarn weaving, making it difficult for you to explore its color combinations.
   PET Yarn in the twisted section of the state is also very beautiful, like a colorful donut, just a little bigger, huh, huh. When you see this twist, you can better understand the PET Yarn, he is a yarn on the upper two or more than two colors of the yarn, the length of the color can also be adjusted.
Pattern sportswear, starting from buying yarn. Duan Cai yarn, PET Yarn can be applied to a lot of ingredients, from the cheap polyester to the pursuit of cotton yarn, as well as the mixing of the yarn, are applicable Oh. Duan Cai yarn, PET Yarn color can be bright, can be monotonous, colored with, with a depth, a yarn can be more than one color, so you in the weaving on the creative save a lot of time and mind.