Silk Fashion Silk Garment Exhibition Opens In Moscow

Exhibition at 30 silk clothing as the carrier, combined with static clothing display, dynamic loom operating performance and tapestry, embroidery, printing and dyeing and other traditional techniques of video playback, through "the charm of history" "the beauty of needlework" "ingenuity of qiao" three units reveals the traditional dress of historical restoration, integrated into the traditional sewing skills of colorful clothing and the use of Chinese elements such as calligraphy, paper-cut, blue and white porcelain art design, represent the rich connotation of Chinese national intangible skill, wonderful stories of China's intangible.

The theme of the exhibition "silk shang" refers to silk and fashion, which can also be understood as tradition and fashion, because the vitality of silk is the combination of tradition and fashion. The clothes on display in the exhibition are the embodiment of the combination of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and fashion. The 30 pieces are carefully selected, each of which contains one or more traditional Chinese crafts. Among them, many crafts are listed in the list of intangible cultural heritage, protected and inherited. Among the clothes on display are works by famous Chinese fashion designers such as guo pei, zeng fengfei and Lawrence xu, as well as works by professor lu yue from the central academy of fine arts and professor qiu haisuo from the China academy of fine arts. These excellent designers from human intangible elements in looking for fashion design inspiration, explore the new direction of costume design art, in addition to using dyed silk embroideries in the clothing and other sewing intangible skill, but also intangible process the original product carrier, will have a typical Chinese cultural features of intangible elements applied to clothing, let the intangible skills through one clothing activation and inheritance.

After the opening ceremony, the curator of this exhibition, Lou hangyan, led the guests to visit the exhibition guide, introducing the design concept, technological characteristics and intangible cultural heritage skills of the clothing on display. The live operation demonstration of bamboo cage machine in guangxi zhuang autonomous region attracts guests to stop and watch.

Meanwhile, titled "in the ancient and modem dialogue: fashion China intangible skill lectures of culture, Chinese culture center in Moscow, floor air YanJieShao an overview of the museum of Chinese silk and silk culture, expounds the exhibition curator train of thought, exhibits the Chinese traditional craft and technical and artistic features, to deepen the Russian people's understanding of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. Image caption viewers used their mobile phones to take pictures of the silk garments.