Some Details Of 2018 Yarn Expo


18 summer yarn show China yarn exhibition "China fiber trend 2018/2019 area", "innovation function", "green zone", "industry alliance area" for four thematic area, green mutual reflect, function, health, fashion, building China's fiber brand, fiber to take you to get to know her son to know!


"China fiber trends theme pavilion" by "China fiber trend 2018/2019 release area", "China fiber trend 2018/2019 zone concept (booth number G108)", "China fiber fashion trend" in enterprise and the "textile materials innovation BBS". Will display the selected fiber trends 2018/2019 of new China, the latest technology, progressive application and future development trend is passed to the fiber industry and downstream customers, through raw material lead consumer demand, the trend analysis of implementation of pure, excellent, new, special chemical fiber product information transmission zero distance.


"Innovation function exhibition" will show is closely related to consumer daily life of polyester, polyamide fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber, spandex, acrylic, whalen, polypropylene fiber, high performance fiber and functional products. Rich exhibits and colorful functions not only enhance the connotation of fiber, but also provide more possibilities for the improvement of human life quality.