Some Introduction Of 2021yarnexpo In Spring And Summer

At the beginning of 2021, as the unique exhibition joint fleet in the global textile industry chain, the Spring Exhibition of China Textile Federation in 2021 will gather again to jointly create a more exciting and more effective grand event of the whole industry, glow a new atmosphere and open a new chapter. At the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the layout of the plan presents new products, new technologies, new models, new trends and new concepts in the textile field in an all-round way. Based on the domestic "great cycle" to promote "double cycle", the new development pattern is opened.

China National Textile Industry Council (CNTAC) Spring Joint Exhibition 2021, which will last for 3 days, opened in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), becoming the focus of attention. Joint exhibitions include: China international textile fabric &accessories (spring) fair (hereinafter referred to as the "2021 intertextile chun xia fabirc exhibition") and China international clothing fair (spring) (hereinafter referred to as the "spring" CHIC2021), China international home textiles and accessories (spring) fair (hereinafter referred to as the "2021 intertextile spring summer home textile"), China international exhibition on textile yarn (spring) (hereinafter referred to as the "yarnexpo spring summer yarn exhibition") and China international knitting (spring) fair (hereinafter referred to as the "2021 ph Value Spring and Summer Knitting Exhibition ").