Status And Development Trend Of Flame Retardant Fiber

Flame retardant fiber mainly includes essential flame retardant fiber and modified flame retardant fiber.

➤ nature of flame retardant fiber are mainly inorganic fiber and organic high-performance fiber, inorganic fiber including basalt fiber, glass fiber, quartz fiber, boron fiber, ceramic fiber, etc.; High performance organic fibers include aramid, polyimide fiber, polyphenylsulfide fiber, sulfoxide fiber and polytetrafluoroethylene fiber.

➤ modified flame retardant fiber is mainly refers to through physical or chemical modification for fiber has good flame retardant performance, such as flame retardant polyester, polyamide, whalen, and cellulose fibre, etc., the main preparation methods including copolymerization slice spinning method, blend spinning and composite spinning method and coating method, etc.

Flame retardant fibers because of its unique performance, in the civil, military and industrial and other fields has a broad application prospect, it not only can be used in cars, trains, planes with flame retardant spinning products, but also can be used for aerospace flame retardant composite material, decorative textiles hotels, restaurants and other public places, hospitals, military, forest fire protective clothing and home textile products, etc.