Textile Quality Control Problems And Current Situation Analysis

1. revision of standards lag behind the market, resulting in question pursuant to rule. Products on the market, standards should play a role in navigation and surveillance. But often received complaints from some product quality problems or product standards do not check or does not establish competency, no basis found that consumers are not satisfied, also complained of the quality supervision Bureau is useless. For example: in recent years, the coated fabric clothing with its bright colors, easy to wash and feel comfortable (some) advantages of the majority of consumers, but the country does not have a corresponding standard, standard information can not flow freely, resulting in the emergence of some quality problems that cannot be solved.

2. the standards too low, resulting in market entry, unable to meet consumers ' requirements. Due to the "product quality law" limits unqualified products factory, so that some "smart" producers or sellers to find "safe" principle label, rare to see excellence in products on the market. From Xian City quality technology supervision Council organization of various clothing, and bed products, textiles market supervision checks reality see, in 2007 to 2010 during, amounted to checks 1458 batch, sampling covers Xian City the big, and medium and the minority small store, which nominal top products 8 batch, accounted for checks total of 0.5% first products 1074 batch, accounted for checks total of 73.7% qualified products 360 batch, accounted for checks total of 24.7% not standard grade 16 batch, accounted for 1.1%. Obviously, the nominal product and qualified products accounted for about 98.4%, which allows some of these levels of product defects, that some "unsound" gave the green light, leaving the quality problems. Obviously, allowed for the vast majority of products on the market with some flaws displayed in front of buyers, and indicators require a higher grade was pitiful, like a dummy in General. Exaggeration to say, people have money but not good things, and have also heard a lot of dealers and consumers complain that now clothing prices are too high, the quality is too bad, in fact, is mostly low grade products to blame. Therefore, the standards were too low to some extent into the umbrella of inferior products.