The 123rd China Import And Export Fair International Pavilion In Guangzhou

Textile clothing

Men and women with

Women's wear: ladies' shirts, skirts, trousers, waistcoats, suits, coats, sweaters.

Men's wear: men's suits, trousers, shirts, vests, suits, sweaters.

Wedding dress, dress: wedding dress, cocktail dress, evening dress.


Children's clothes

Tops, skirts, pants, suits, dresses.


Underwear and suits, pajamas, bathrobe, home dress, etc.

Baby and maternity clothes.

Sportswear and casual wear.

Cowboy clothing

Sportswear and casual wear:

Sportswear: professional sports wear, casual sportswear.

Casual wear: jacket/coat, windbreaker, T-shirt, shorts.

Other: uniforms, work clothes, etc.

Fur down and products.

Fur and products: all kinds of fur materials, fur products (fur clothing/hat/gloves/cushion/skin plate, etc.)

Leather and products: all kinds of leather raw materials, leather garment and other leather products.

Feather and products: feather feather raw material (goose duck feather, feather, etc.), feather products, feather duster, feather flower, feather ornaments, etc.), feather products, clothing, feather bedding, down sleeping bags, etc.)

Cashmere and products

Other fur down and products.

Clothing accessories and accessories.

Fashion accessories: hats, gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, scarves, socks, ties, etc.

Garment accessories: shoulder pads, clothing labels, zippers, etc.

Home textile

Bedding: blanket, bedding, sheet, bed cover, mattress, towel, pillow, pillowcase, cushion, mosquito net, etc.

Home decoration textiles: decorative cloth, wall cloth, curtain cloth, sunshade cloth, furniture cloth, sofa cover, etc.

Bathroom fabrics: shower curtain, towel, face towel, bath towel, beach towel, toilet seat cover, etc.

Table, kitchen textiles: table cloth, table mat, napkin, apron, dishcloth, microwave gloves, other kitchen textiles.

Other: floor MATS, cleaning textiles, flags, tassels, etc.

Textile material

Fabrics: cotton/blended, synthetic/blended, hemp/blended, silk/rayon, wool/artificial wool fabric, special machine fabric, non-woven fabric, industrial cloth, etc.

Fiber and yarn

Fiber: plant fiber, animal fiber, synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber, inorganic/mineral fiber, chemical fiber, etc.

Yarn: cotton/blended, flax/blended, wool/blended, blended yarn/blended.

Other: clothing accessories, etc.

Carpet and tapestry

Mechanism of carpet

Hand-made carpets: silk rug, wool knotted carpet, rubber back carpet, other hand-made carpets.


Other floor materials: bamboo grass woven carpet.