The 20th China Textile And Garment Trade Fair Opened In New York

The 20th China textile and garment trade exhibition (New York) opened in New York, USA on 22nd.

Xu yingxin, vice President of the China textile industry federation and President of the textile industry branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade, said in his opening speech that in 2018, China's total fiber processing volume was about 54.6 million tons, accounting for more than half of the world's total. China's textile and garment exports totaled us $276.73 billion, accounting for more than 36% of the global total. China's textile industry has formed the largest and most complete industrial system in the world.

Xu yingxin said that under the background of china-us trade friction, the holding of this exhibition as scheduled is of far-reaching significance for promoting further industrial cooperation between the two sides. China and the United States are both major textile producers and consumers, with important common interests and space for cooperation. I believe this exhibition will inject more positive energy into china-us industrial cooperation.

Gu chunfang, economic and commercial counselor of the Chinese consulate general in New York, said that in the past 20 years, the China textile and apparel trade exhibition (New York) has witnessed the leap-forward development of sino-u.s. textile and apparel trade and injected vitality into bilateral economic and trade relations. To maintain and develop stable and healthy bilateral economic and trade cooperation is the aspiration of all sectors of the Chinese and American communities, especially the business community.

Detref Braun, executive director of messe Frankfurt, said that as the largest textile and apparel show in the United States, it is hoped that messe will continue to be the preferred platform for international brands and retailers to seek purchasing opportunities.