The Application Of Functional Yarn In Domestic Security Industry

The Application of Functional Yarn in Domestic Security Industry
1. "Do the world's security companies, to build China's international security industry national brand", has become the industry's outstanding business development goals and corporate mission. Under the guidance of such beliefs, China's security products have been widely into the world security industry in many areas. International cooperation between domestic enterprises and advanced developed countries has been launched in all directions. At present, several domestic strongest Functional Yarn enterprises are also adapt to the international trend of market development, a few years ago has begun to develop and start a global development strategy, through the technology, capital, management and other aspects of extensive cooperation and Exchange, the introduction of foreign enterprises of advanced technology and management philosophy, so that enterprises can be a rapid upgrade and development. And actively out of the country, to seek international markets, increase exports, is now a large number of Functional Yarn products exported to the rest of the world.
China's security industry after 20 years of vigorous development, the scope of application continues to expand, industrial concentration continues to improve, new technologies and new products have entered the security industry, security industry market size will grow rapidly. The domestic Functional Yarn enterprises in the industry order is constantly standardized, the market environment gradually health at the same time, through its own strength and the continuous improvement of products and services continue to extend the Functional Yarn industry as China's security industry, such as Mu Chunfeng, will get Vigorous development, let us join hands, the common security of this bright future to the industry.
2. Vicious competition in the market With the rapid development of the domestic security industry, the original Functional Yarn production enterprises have to expand production capacity, other cable manufacturers and some newly established enterprises have also joined the security industry, market competition Intensified. In order to improve market share, access to a certain living space, the vast majority of Functional Yarn manufacturers tend to take low-cost strategy. When the product sales price is close to or even lower than the actual cost of manufacturing products, some manufacturers in order to ensure profits, control costs, can only cut corners, lack of rice less, shoddy, etc. to maintain operations and production. In recent years, the international market demand for raw materials prices continue to rise, but the domestic cable product sales price increases are very limited. The formation of a small manufacturers prices do not rise, the quality of declining, large manufacturers price increases are limited, significantly reduced profits, not only affect the normal operation and development of enterprises, more harm to the domestic security industry healthy and orderly development and the majority of security users of the actual interests.
We know that the most direct users of Functional Yarn products are often the majority of security systems integrators and engineering business. For some are still in the early stages of development of the integrator and engineering business, the company is very limited, the management mechanism has yet to be further improved in the product procurement management links there are still some loopholes. So that some of the individual or family members as the main body of the sales of Functional Yarn sales or manufacturers to rebate or rebate the form of sales means there is space, undermine the good market order.
It is gratifying that some of the considerable size and strength and a certain sense of social responsibility of enterprises have been fully aware of this low-cost vicious competition to the entire security industry brought about by the serious consequences. In the Functional Yarn products in the market, is vigorously promoting the real price of sales, although in a certain period of time may affect the sales profits of these enterprises and market space, but in the long run, for the standard security industry market , So that the entire security industry to form a healthy and orderly development is a positive role in promoting.