The Belt And Road


Jiangsu is the largest province in the textile and clothing industry. In recent years, the total amount of foreign investment has been the highest in all provinces and cities of China. After the "the belt and road " strategy was put forward, the pace of "going out" of textile enterprises in jiangsu province was further accelerated. In "going out" enterprises, most is a processing and manufacturing companies, facing the transformation and upgrading, factor costs such as the status quo, "the belt and road" along the country (region) with the capacity of jiangsu province are highly complementary, transformation and upgrading of industry of jiangsu province textile industry provides a good opportunity.

The transition has not come easily. Enterprise itself needs closely docking with the national strategic deployment, not only brings to the enterprise "going out" the long-term development space, have also brought the local shortage of funds, and the industrial technology behind the money, employment opportunities, experience, etc., is a good thing to the best of both worlds.

it is good for both side of us.

such as , if we ship goods to our clients, the shipping time will be shorter than before.