The Business Of Textile Industry Is Increasing

The nine-day China International Fashion Week has wrapped up in Beijing. For the first time, this fashion week adopts the integration of online and offline display. In particular, designer brands and business circles, e-commerce and media platforms are jointly driving the integrated development of omni-channel.

China Fashion Week also coincides with the China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Expo, the world's largest fabric production base, which also introduced online exhibitions for the first time.

Merchants from Nepal took a fancy to two winter fabrics, the first order signed 30,000 meters of fabric.

Data from the China Textile Industry Federation also show that China's textile exhibition and exhibition has made remarkable achievements since September. Shandong International Textile and Garment Expo 2020 attracted more than 1,500 brands to participate.

Both online and offline drives bring convenience to the whole textile industry chain, and the strong prevention and control of the epidemic in China also facilitates the return of long-lost orders. In the interview, the reporter found that the textile enterprises did not work in the first half of the year recently new orders have been arranged to the end of this year.

The improvement in textile orders was partly due to demand from the domestic "Singles Day" shopping festival, on the other hand, the increase in foreign trade orders, including some orders from India transferred to China.

According to customs data, in September, China's textile and garment exports reached 196.79 billion yuan, up 14.5%, among which textile exports reached 91.23 billion yuan, up 33.4%, and apparel exports reached 105.56 billion yuan, up 2.1%.