The Key Words Of China's Fiber Trend In 2018: Blend And Overflight.

Technical communion

The integration of Chinese fiber and intelligent manufacturing leads to industrial transformation and helps Chinese manufacturing transformation to be made in China. China's fiber and green manufacturing integration, adhering to jinshan yinshan is a green mountain, adhere to the environment friendly, sustainable development, and create the world's largest industrial chain of renewable resources; Fiber with high and new technology in China, speed up and energy, large data, such as artificial intelligence technology leading and nanotechnology, biology, new materials such as graphene blend, the core competencies of the high-end value chain in the casting industry.


The product mix

China's fiber from passive to meet the demand to lead demand, create demand, actively and terminal product mix, convey the connotation and concept of fiber. Fiber design focuses more on the brand image of green, functional and culture. Fiber development focuses more on interdisciplinary integration with optics, electronics and intelligence. Fiber manufacturing focuses on the new trend of low-carbon economy, green development and quality improvement.


Application of blending

China's fiber focuses on specialization, customization and breakthrough of its own development space, and the new application direction is constantly converging, highlighting diversified development. China's fiber is deeply integrated with the military and the people, and the high performance fiber has gradually penetrated into the civil field from the field of aerospace and high temperature filtration, and it has entered the ordinary people's homes in the high-end field. The Chinese fiber integrates the functions and technology, and the civil fiber breaks through the traditional clothing application and gradually steps into the field of industrial application, making a new choice for the engineering field.