The Price Of Yarn Is Increasing All Over The World

the price of yarn is increasing all over the world

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia's anti-corruption storm, which superimposed a change on the top of the federal reserve, created a market risk aversion, with the golden week soaring 10 dollars and crude oil up 4 percent. The current downstream market followed up, production and marketing exploded, and polyester yarn material price continued to push up.


Polyester raw materials' price have a strong rise.


Due to the  polyester filament market rising, on the one hand : the upstream market volatility, coupled with the recent domestic commodities is showing signs of recover from, polyester raw materials PTA and glycol market shocks finishing operation, cost support stable; 

On the other hand is a polyester filament yarn in good supply and demand fundamentals, "Kim nine silver ten" polyester filament market sale in domestic market, export smooth, polyester filament factory inventories hit a low this year, and are influenced by environmental rectification, normal construction of the downstream plants, need to follow up actively, the polyester filament market tight local supply source, at the same time, downstream weaving, play starts still remain high, polyester filament plant is quite strong, price will downstream factory also moderate chase after go up.