The PTA Price In This Week

this week, 

the PTA price is cut down a little.

per ton cut down 1500RMB

After the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, polyester downstream, yarn all down. Among them pure polyester yarn series is diving price, the big drop makes a person tongue-tied!

Although after entering September, the purchase enthusiasm of polyester in the lower reaches decreased significantly. From the production and marketing data, it can be seen that the production and marketing of polyester filament yarn market has been described as sluggish since the week before Mid-Autumn festival. Market average production sales between 4-5 %.

Before the holiday, under the suppression of the sharp decline in PTA price, the market production and sales was even more light, and the polyester factory in 17th let the price promotion, but the downstream market was not buying it, the production and sales of that day only maintained at 3-4 percent. Downstream delay to take goods, production and marketing day by day light, originally just want to stabilize the polyester raw material market to be up a hurry. In this rush, the polyester market is as green as chives.

Downstream market has been buying up do not buy down, raw materials fell, the weaving market feel that this decline in raw materials is simply a scratch, weaving market do not buy, the more anxious raw materials market, the more closely the market. In the near stage, polyester market inventory has risen significantly. Currently polyester inventory has recovered to 7-15 days, up 5 days compared with the beginning of September. With the accumulation of polyester inventory, polyester manufacturer's sales and capital pressure have been increasing.

Meanwhile, judging from the feedback from the fabric market, this year's golden nine season still shows no sign of coming.