The Stall Economy May Affact The Polyester

As early as 1995-1996, the domestic economy was in a downturn, and the stall economy was booming. The main purpose of developing the stall economy is to solve the employment problem of laid-off workers, solve the livelihood problem of residents, and contribute to social stability and the development of people's livelihood.

At present, Liu Chuanzhi, a giant in the industry, also supported his employees by setting up a stall, and Ma Yun started his business from the stall.

At present, China 's economy is facing unprecedented difficulties. In addition, public health events at home and abroad have restrained domestic demand. Therefore, the state vigorously promotes the sharing of economy. On the one hand, it can ease the sales pressure of terminal production enterprises, such as clothing, home textile, footwear and other small and medium-sized enterprises, which is conducive to the inventory of enterprises and maintain normal operation; on the other hand, it is conducive to small investment and Entrepreneurship of residents, Under the influence of public health events, domestic production enterprises are struggling, laid-off and income reduction make the consumption ability of residents decline, and even some industries face the risk of bankruptcy, so the life of employees can not be guaranteed, while the stall economy has the advantages of less investment, fast income, flexible time, etc., which is conducive to the secondary entrepreneurship or reemployment of employees, stability of people's livelihood, and improvement of residents' living water Ping, for the current economic situation, is a new type of self-help growth model.


For the clothing industry, local stall consumption mainly focuses on the products within 100 yuan, such as summer clothing, plush toys, shoes, socks, etc. some shop owners take advantage of this opportunity to deal with clothing hoarding in autumn and winter at a low price in exchange for funds to maintain the survival of the shop. For the textile and clothing industry, it mainly consumes the inventory of previous years and autumn and winter. After the rise of the national consumption, it may be able to drive the gray cloth consumption in small batch in the current season. However, the shipping pressure of the high-end shoes and clothing and gray cloth market is still under great pressure.


In addition, there are many handicrafts and headwear in the stall, some of which are made of sliced yarn. Slice spinning yarn is mainly used in the fields of textile fabric, embroidery thread, trademark, decoration, ribbon, etc. it is used in the weaving of jacquard color weaving, cashmere cutting sand publishing, home textile decorative cloth, etc. The advantages of chip spinning yarn are that it has its own color and does not need to be dyed. It reduces the use of fuel, avoids the damage to polyester materials in the dyeing process, and reduces the generation of pollution. At the same time, polyester yarn also has the advantages of simple operation process and good performance. The growth of end consumer goods will contribute to the de stocking of raw material chip spinning yarn, thus making the downstream industry in a relatively benign level of development.

In addition, the consumption of stall also promotes the consumption of bags. As an essential part of women's life, bags are mostly of high price and various styles. For today's fast-moving lifestyle, night market stall culture accelerates the choice of Miss Aimei. Bags are mainly made of leather, woven and polyester cotton. For the current small batch sales, it may alleviate the off-season delivery pressure and inventory of a small number of weaving enterprises.

Stall consumption will also drive the sales of FMCG products in the market, such as all kinds of bottled drinks, cold drinks and cool goods. This kind of goods is relatively low in unit price compared with other products, and is a must for everyone. Moreover, it has the characteristics of repeated consumption, so it is expected that the consumption of soft drinks and cold drinks will rise in a straight line. From June to August, polyester bottle chips were in the peak season of consumption, and the consumption of local stall will also help the bottle chip industry to maintain a good state.

source: HuaXianTouTiao