The Textile Industry Chain Is Expected To Remain Booming For The Next Two Years Due To The Price Increasing

As the raw material of all kinds of textiles, PTA, polyester filament, polyamide fiber, spandex and other varieties have been booming. PTA, in particular, was described as "like a rocket booster."

According to the reporter combing, the futures price of PTA main contract rose from 6012 yuan/ton on July 20 to 7,574 yuan/ton on August 21, and the price rose by 1,562 yuan/ton within a month, or about 26%.

PTA led the rise, polyester filament silk prices are also rising. It rose from 9,725 yuan per ton on July 20 to 11,550 yuan per ton on August 21, with a rise of 1,825 yuan per ton in one month, or about 19 percent.

In addition, in the past month, the highest offer price of the nylon market has increased from 21,900 yuan/ton to 22,100 yuan/ton. The market price of acrylic staple fiber rose from 20,000-20,700 yuan/ton to 20,600-21,200 yuan/ton. Spandex, by contrast, held steady for the time being.

The sharp rise in the price of textile raw materials has put pressure on downstream enterprises. The transmission of raw materials prices, some textile products have also been forced to raise prices.

In the next 2-3 years, the demand growth rate (10%) in the downstream of polyester filament is higher than the rate of new capacity delivery (7-8%). Although the industry leader expanded production capacity this year and next, the industrial supply and demand pattern continued to improve, and the high business degree of PTA and filament industry is expected to be maintained in the next two years