The Trend Color In Spring In 2021

Bumping color aims to break drab feeling through color department contrast, striking bright eye color also can give him a few new spring beautiful feeling from the flank.

The Morandi color is a good choice, low saturation, classic and not skin picking, soft color texture has unlimited capacity, high and durable.

The most important thing to do with contrasting colors is to be bold and comfortable, but color is always a test of the aesthetic. Total look can be safe but conservative, while multiple colors can be a bit dazzling.

Yellow + orange


In warm and tonal, orange department is the simplest and easy collocation of a color, with its approximate color yellow collocation together, won't have violate feeling.


Fashion star people must be no stranger to yellow, 2021 Pantone color has yellow figure.

Some partners may worry about the collocation of orange, energy is too high, too eye-catching not daily, don't rush to deny first, the trend is just a weathervane, but also need to choose color according to the overall style.

In collocation can be yellow and orange lightness reduced, not so dazzling.


To keep a low profile without losing the spring color, match the bright color inside with the accessories, the dot distribution of the contrast color is easy to control without losing the sense of energy.

Black + green


To say which color "the most spring" that must not be green.

To try the sister that colliding color mixes to build for the first time, black + green this group match color is lowest tone do not break the entry choice that sees a point again, black individual character is simple, green is pure and fresh and bright, both collocation is together or individual character or pure and fresh.

In the black tone atmosphere, a little green tone embellish, such as the summer sun, more people feel the tension of life, enthusiasm and bold and unrestrained.


The dark simple sense of green adds the classic elegance of black, when lighting spring day colour, still have a kind of walk to take the dominiere of wind.

The blue + powder


Since ancient times, blue and red out of CP, blue and pink color matching, but also for the early spring wear to provide new inspiration, the formation of a new style.

If the shades of blue are hard to find, just pair vintage jeans with light pink to create the perfect spring look.

Pink matches bull-puncher blue is the most effortless modern collocation, bump into when tender pink along with sex bull-puncher blue, take the United States casually.

Or a little bit of pink embellishment can also make the whole look soft and smart, really not too nice ~


source: China Fibres Fashion