The UK's Latest Certification Requires The UK To Officially Use The UKCA Logo

In the UK, the UKCA mark will be set during the transition period until 1 January 2022. In most cases, CE mark products can continue to be put on the market, only with the UKCA mark added. After 1 January 2022, products must only use the UKCA mark to show compliance with relevant UK regulations. In addition, products manufactured before 31 December 2020 can still be sold in the UK market using the existing CE mark.

The European Union is Wujiang's biggest export target market, and Britain was once an important member of it. As the dust settles on Brexit, the UK has officially introduced a new product certification mark. Wujiang customs reminds related export enterprises: one is to pay attention to the UK UKCA product certification process, conformity statement and standard requirements, especially the difference with CE certification, early risk assessment and product verification, to avoid the product does not meet the requirements of the British standards caused by the return. The second is to pay attention to the time node of UKCA certification in the UK. UKCA certification has a one-year transition period, during which CE mark and UKCA mark can coexist. After the expiration of the transition period, the UKCA mark can only be added.