Trend Analysis Of 2020 Epidemic Trend Under The Influence Of Epidemic Situation

1. Home life

The change of life style makes consumers pay more attention to the comfort and practicability of products, and the design potential of flexible adaptation to scene change is infinite.

2. Functional protection

The design with protective function brings security and sense of security to anxious people.

3. Design of cure system

After the epidemic, the scars left by the heart are hard to be wiped out. The design is used to soothe the wounds, reflecting the inclusiveness and strength of the design.

4. Cross season design

With the deepening of the concept of "less and more refined", the single products that can adapt to different seasons will continue to receive attention.

5. Nostalgia and reconstruction

In the changeable times, nostalgia is people's spiritual consolation. Brands can use retro content as antidote to bring consumers back to the good old days.

6. Digital competitive potential

Brand should open up ideas, dare to try and open up the digital fashion market.

7. The rise of the dark wind

People's panic about the uncertainty of the future has given birth to the rise of the dark trend, and the fashion industry has a richer expression of the definition of "beauty".