Turkish Lira Crashes Indian Rupee Drops Below 70 Rupees Against Dollar For First Time

now extraordinary problems are occuring in Turkey, 

The Indian rupee hit a record low of rs70 to the dollar for the first time, as turkish-triggered emerging market turmoil exacerbated the currency's decline.

In mumbai, the rupee fell 0.2 percent to rs70.08 to the dollar, closing at 69.95. It is down nearly 9 per cent this year, making it Asia's worst performing currency.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Indian government bond inched up to 7.82 percent after being little changed earlier in the session.

now in China, many factories closed, PTA controled by foreign country, so we cant control the price by oursleves。

maybe the price will increase more.

so how can we do business, we give our client the price, but they said, the price is too high,

but we cant control the price by ourselves, and now many business be hold, 

our client said wait some time.

now many countries are have big economical fight with USA.