What Did Those Textile Companies Do In 2020

Theme 1: Fighting the epidemic shows our sense of responsibility

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has put the country in a state of war. The extension of holidays, the development of the epidemic is difficult to predict, a variety of emergencies for the textile machine enterprises are facing a great test.

In the face of such challenges as inconvenient communication and difficulties in receiving orders, spinning machine enterprises have either actively shifted production and expanded projects related to epidemic prevention and control, or switched from offline to online market expansion, or intensified their design and research efforts through painstaking efforts... On the one hand, based on their own industrial characteristics and professional advantages, spinning machine enterprises have played an irreplaceable role in key links and contributed to the fight against the epidemic. On the other hand, they continue to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading centering on the requirements of high-quality development, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, driving innovation and intelligent transformation.

Theme two: Research and development, innovation and self-improvement

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit many companies hard at a time when demand is already weak. In view of the difficult operating conditions, the spinning machine enterprises focus on technological innovation and new product research and development, and focus on automation transformation, in order to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. The establishment and improvement of effective scientific and technological innovation system and the promotion of effective combination of industry, education and research will make the strong stronger and the weak eliminated. Under the severe market situation, this development law is more prominent, and self-reliance in science and technology becomes the fundamental support to promote development.