What Is A Differential Fiber? What Are The Major Categories Of Differential Fiber?


Profiled fibers

Profiled fiber of fiber cross section are not circular, mainly include the trefoil, five leaf shape, rectangle and flat shape, such as hollow, it consists of spinneret hole abnormity, puffing bonding method, composite spinning method, rolling method and the way to obtain, such as hole shape change of profiled fiber with special gloss and good resistance to fouling performance, with good volume and permeability, pilling resistance and wear resistance, good performance and hygroscopicity, antistatic and good dyeing properties.


Three different fibers

That is, the short abbreviation of the special-shaped cross section, different denier, and contractile fiber.



Composite fiber

About the performance of several different materials composite as a novel fiber, it has cospinning type, paratactic type, sheath-core type, split type and multi-layer (tied for multilayer, radioactive radiation, multilayer, hollow core type and multilayer type) and sea island. The main characteristic of composite fiber is to combine the characteristics of various fibers, so that the new fiber has the common characteristics of various fibers.


Fine deniers and superfine deniers.

Namely fiber monofilament of superfine fibers, due to the bending rigidity of fiber and fiber denier is proportional to square of fine denier and superfine fibre soft, grinded by the fabric with fine and soft fluffy fuzzy feeling, can obtain bligh ideal of peach skin and faux suede.



Usually called the fiber diameter of less than 100 nm nano fiber, it has good surface effect, small size effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunnel effect, and fiber to absorb ultraviolet light, the function such as shielding electromagnetic wave.


High shrinkage fibre

Synthetic fiber staple boiling water shrinkage rate less than 5%, filament is 7% - 9%, according to the boiling water shrinkage rate is more than 35% of the fiber of high shrinkage fiber, it is made to reduce fibre of initial degree of knot is tasted, increase the amorphous area for fiber, it has to do with ordinary fiber blended, interwoven fabric, after boiling water, with different shrinkage rate of fiber to form three-dimensional or fluffy of decorative pattern design, and obtain the conformal excellent high flower fabric and seersucker fabric, fabric soft, light and fluffy, heat preservation performance is extremely good.


Functional fibre

It has high elasticity (spandex, PTT fiber, etc.), conduction, flame retardant, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, medical fiber, etc.



Still have the color silk, easy dyeing fiber, the filament and so on.