What Is The Interior Of The Car Nylon Yarn?

What is the interior of the car Nylon Yarn?
Now with the improvement of living standards, the automobile manufacturing industry prospects, of course, buyers are also concerned about the safety performance is the most important, automotive interior Nylon Yarn where there are steering wheel, airbags, seat belts, seats, panels and inside Decorated, etc.,
1, steering wheel Nylon Yarn: the choice of 5 # (630D / 3) do not loose nylon 66 Bondi line or Bang Bang Di line, with the appropriate flexibility, good pull, wear, can make the joints at the compact, Bondi The waterproof function of the line prevents the penetration of sweat.
2, seat belt Nylon Yarn: seat belt is one of the safety parts of the car, with a computer needle car lathe lock seat belt accessories, sewing can choose 10 # (420D / 3) of the Bondi line or special line, With 18-22 per inch needle needle sewing, to reach more than 1000 pounds of seams strong.
3, airbag Nylon Yarn: optional 20 # (280D / 3) of the N66 Bondi line, in order to achieve precision and meticulous sewing effect.
4, panel decoration, seat Nylon Yarn: According to the design requirements of the choice of different thickness of the nylon Bondi line, so that the seams have strong, stitch beautiful, wearable, texture sewing effect.
Twisting is the relative rotation of the line section, when the original yarn parallel to the yarn axis of the fiber tilted into a spiral. For SPNylon Yarn lines, twisting is a necessary means of forming yarn. Twisting is to form a tight structure that is not easily broken by lateral forces.
Nylon Yarn, which is a protective material that allows natural sunlight to filter into space, but it limits exposure to ultraviolet light. It can be used to prevent moisture loss, keep away from birds and pests. It can be used for yard, surrounded by temporary fence-type poles, to prevent soil erosion and more on the ground. Choose to use the right cloth material with so many different uses that can be used to shade the Nylon Yarn roll and enjoy the greatest benefit is the key.
The shade coefficient was rated as a sunny Nylon Yarn roller with shade factor. The shading coefficient is usually used as a percentage, and a larger shading coefficient allows a lower amount of sun to filter into the space. If the use of shade Nylon Yarn, a courtyard to choose a higher percentage of shading coefficient will be reduced to be exposed to sunny and ultraviolet excess courtyard residents. When using a green shade roll in a garden area, the amount of sunshine needed for the plant should be considered. However, the need for adequate sunshine of the plant should be covered with a very low shade coefficient, shade Nylon Yarn.
Material weaving Nylon Yarn is two different types of material weaving. Knitted materials are often more advantageous for most applications. It is light in weight and can more easily support fencing purposes, used gardens and other elevated needs. In addition, knitting weaving, can be easily cut into size without unraveling and worn material. If you need Nylon Yarn, you need to cut the material, you should buy knitted braid for the best results.
Style of thinking the last option to buy shade Nylon Yarn to consider when the color of the material used. The most common colors available are black, white and aluminet. However, some designer's color may also be found. With certain uses, such as erosion control, the color of the material may be less important than when the garden or garden cover material is used.