Why Do Different Kinds Of Cotton Print Functional Yarn Feel Very Different

Why do different kinds of cotton print Functional Yarn feel very different

Raw cotton starts with grades, and the difference between staple and staple is not just at the price. Then spinning, weaving... Even in the same fabric, such as woven fabrics, the texture varies greatly. Such as voile is so thin, it is impossible to compare with the gauze card that winter USES, twill fabrics. Denim is mostly pure cotton and is another style.

The influence of the opponent is also great in the later period. Finally, the washing method (also for the treatment of the fabric, not the home wash).

If you ask for soft washing, you can make the fabric feel soft and soft. Of course, the good fabric itself feels good, slippery and not rough. How to wash the fabric, feel the cloth uneven.

What are the reasons for the fading of Functional Yarn printed fabrics?

It's mostly detergent. Soap, washing powder and other alkaline detergents, because when people put in the washing machine, there will be local discoloration uneven when no water is dissolved.

High temperature can sterilize, but can make the bed product fades, the sterilization has many ways, do not choose this kind of suicide type washing, the heat sterilization is only to the hotel white sheet.

Do not soak for more than 30 minutes or less.

Because the pigment is in the light and heat of the sunlight, oxidized and deteriorated, causing permanent discoloration. Therefore, in the sun, should not be in the midday sun, should not be the sun exposure too long, had better choose the negative sun.

Soft pink Functional Yarn is brought to the bedroom sweet and sweet feeling, especially collocation white bedroom, appear comfortable and warm. In the early autumn, with this sweet pink terry, bring the bedroom romantic autumn warmth.

Silver's Functional Yarn was quietly elegant feeling, let a bedroom is full of plain and neat like hankage elegant design, let the towelling coverlet show the aesthetic feeling of natural light, tie-in white bedroom space, the beauty is generous.

The Functional Yarn of white band fine stripe pattern is carried, more simple and clear, tie-in modern contracted style bedroom or children room, can appear more concise vogue.

Pure white Functional Yarn is carried, the design of garden is made concave and convex effect, make this concise white towel is to have more decorous feeling and rich connotation.

The deep grey Functional Yarn is held in a heavy feeling and is warm in autumn. Grey presents the glamour of high fashion, let the taste of the bedroom appear distinctive.

The mysterious blue Functional Yarn of the sea is held, let the bedroom calm and calm. Create the feeling that the sea is broad and broad, suit the bedroom of the boy that is very suitable for the sea to choose.