Why Use Nylon Yarn?

Why use Nylon Yarn?
Trees on the Nylon Yarn in the process of transplanting, with the rope to the trunk or relatively thick branches wrapped up, so you can effectively avoid direct sunlight or wind blowing, so as to effectively reduce the trunk water evaporation, And can effectively save the water, so that it is moist, there is the effective adjustment of temperature, to avoid the temperature is too high or too low damage to the trees. The roots are easy to receive damage, reduce the survival rate, so tied with grass rope, will play a very good protective effect. The use of grass rope a good warm function to prepare the bark under the bark in the winter to lure to the rope, but also to attract the unearthed larvae, into the grass rope in the pupa, spawning pests to the rope in the spawning , And then by replacing the rope, you can kill some of the insects out.
 Nylon Yarn for me, we are not unfamiliar, is our life standing items, and all walks of life can be used, but many people buy Nylon Yarn and do not understand how to use the correct, indeed, people are That Nylon Yarn and what norms of the use of the principle of direct bundling on it, in fact, different industries use the same method of Nylon Yarn, for the specification requirements are different, the following brief introduction.
First of all, when the use of Nylon Yarn can not be knotted phenomenon, and can not be directly linked to the use of hanging, so as to avoid wear and tear, affecting the normal use.
Second, once the use of more frequent, then we should pay attention to regular observation, if there are abnormal damage and other phenomena, to be replaced in time, and the various parts of the rope can not be arbitrarily disassembled.
Finally, pay attention to the use of the rope is a shelf life, in general, is three years, if there is an exception in need of early retirement, to avoid unnecessary trouble.
From the above can be seen, Nylon Yarn to the correct use of norms, so that can effectively reduce the trouble in the purchase time to pay attention to quality, and now the market is relatively mixed Nylon Yarn, the price is not uniform, must be polished eyes, Covet a temporary cheap, formal strength of the quality of the manufacturers still have a certain guarantee.
With the development of China's Nylon Yarn market, Nylon Yarn technology research and market conditions become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry. Therefore, understanding the development of domestic and international Nylon Yarn technology and market conditions for improving the competitiveness of enterprises is very critical. In the store building installation operations, there is a large number of operations and temporary operations. Whether it is civil works or equipment installation operations, construction workers operating in the plane than the mobile protection, are the need to protect the seat belt to prevent the occurrence of falls accident. This is the first line of defense to prevent the construction staff from falling above the falls. However, in the structure is not yet perfect, the structure does not have to buckle the seat belt, where the seat belt buckle hanging to prevent falling, the need to design and installation is simple, the use of reliable forms.
However, due to the strength of the horizontal Nylon Yarn and the size of the load, must be calculated in order to correctly select the appropriate wire rope. At present, the domestic power construction unit has not yet on the high level of operation of the Nylon Yarn business standards. Therefore, it is necessary to design and study the use of large-span horizontal Nylon Yarn for use by the construction personnel withholding seat belts. That is clear and standardize the use of horizontal Nylon Yarn conditions to ensure that construction workers can be protected when the fall accident.
From the engineering safety and precision requirements required, the horizontal Nylon Yarn tension calculation can be used to calculate the tension of the parabolic theory formula, this situation is usually used under the assumption.
1) consistent with the assumption of continuity of the variable solids and uniformity assumption, although the soft beam, can be regarded as simple support beam. And mainly by axial tension;
2) The maximum working sag of the horizontal wire rope, the chord length and the arc length difference is small, it can be assumed that the length of the long span of uniform distribution;
3) to determine the safety belt with low belt, and the safety belt safety belt length is only 1.2m, the actual impact height is small, so the impact of the relative tension is small, so only the horizontal Nylon Yarn static calculation, not Consider the impact of the impact.