Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing is will has scouring of yarn, immersion preparation good of dyeing solution in the, in must of conditions Xia, constantly makes Dang material Shang dye Yu fiber, dye liquid of depth with dyeing time of Director and reduced, eventually makes dye all or part Shang dye Yu was dye real surface, and to was dye real within layer understands and diffusion, and fiber occurred physical or chemical combined, last reached balance, dye uniform to, and firm to distribution in fiber Shang, makes fiber coloring, and not makes fiber crisp loss. Dyeing products not only require uniform color, and must have good color fastness.
Dye color dyes outcome of selective absorption of incident visible light. If the incidence of all visible light is absorbed by the object, then the object is black; if the incoming visible light were reflected, then the object is white; if an object absorbs incident light with a wavelength of the visible light, this object displays the color color of the reflected light, absorption spectra of colors and display colors complement each other.