Polyester Dty 5denier/6filament Yarn

Product Details

Product introduction

mateiral: 100% polyetser

DTY yarn

color: raw white 

specification : 5Denier/6Filament



we use this yarn to make new type fabric,

we use 7D/8f and 5D/6F, for warp and weft, we can get fabric, this fabric is high density and ultra-thin.

use this yarn can improve the tearing strength of the fabric.

our DTY CV is 0.6%, so the pore uniformity of the fabric is vey good.   and use this two kind of yarn , our fabric is soft, smooth, smooth and extremely thin.


1) High performance electronic cloth and shielding cloth.

2) Diaphragm of high-performance lithium battery.

3) Preferred base material for flexible wear.

4) Fighter aircraft and new stealth coated materials and new military stealth materials.

5) Preferred materials for future stealth wearers, such as field troops, scouts, radar detection and infrared detection.

6) Highly sophisticated wave-absorbing materials, preferably materials.

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