Blend Melange Dope Dyed Yarn

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Product Details

Product introduction

this yarn is  using  special carbon powder. After this special processing , the yarn can get deep color and good  color fastness.

and we use two kind of chips to produce this DTY, the it will get  a relative traction curl, and the DTY can get  high elasticity, high recovery, at last the yarn will have  anti-wrinkle function  .

melange yarn 1

melange yarn4

product specification 

1-75d /48F DTY (blue light )

2-50d /24F DTY (blue light )

3-35d /24F DTY (blue light )

Production application 

it can be used in air jet machines and water jet weaving machines

and it can be used for warping and wefting.

melange yarn6

Packing and shipping 



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