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PBT fabric

Product introduction of PBT fabric

PBT is Polybutylene terephthalate fibre。

PBT and PET are thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester.With the development of differential fiber, PBT is gradually recognized due to its value usage. Made of PBT fiber with poly vinegar has some properties, but because of the flexibility of the PBT, macromolecule basic link part is longer, so that the melting point of PBT fiber and glass transition temperature is lower than ordinary poly vinegar fiber, lead to macromolecular chain of flexible and elastic fibers increased, therefore, PBT fiber  has its own characteristics, such as flexibility and good dyeing, etc.


Product features of PBT fabric

(1) it has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and the elasticity is not affected by humidity.

(2) soft feel, good moisture absorption, good abrasion resistance, excellent tensile elasticity and compression elasticity, and the elastic recovery rate is better than polyester. Under the condition of dry and wet state has special scale. And the elastic is not affected by ambient temperature change, can be used as a substitute for spandex fabric, but the price is far lower than the spandex.

(3) with good dyeing performance, ordinary disperse dyes can be used for constant pressure and dyeing without carrier. Bright color of dyeing fiber. Color fastness and good atmosphere.

(4) have excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance

(5) the PBT and PET (polyester) composite fiber with fine and dense three-dimensional crimp, excellent resilience, soft and good dyeing properties, is the ideal wool-like, copy down the raw material, wear comfortable.


Product application of PBT fabric

Due to the above characteristics, the PBT fiber has been widely used in textile industry in recent years and has been widely used in various fields. Especially suitable for making swimwear, tights, tracksuits, gym suit, fitness, tennis, dance tights, stretch jeans, ski pants, stockings, medical bandage application of high elastic fabrics. Long silk can be used after deformation, and short fiber can be blended with other fibers. It can also be used to make elastic denim for core-spun yarn. It can also be used to weave wool-like fabric. If using PBT fiber, it can be washable, soft, breathable, light and comfortable, suitable for winter clothing and bedding filling. The tufted carpet made of PDT fiber feels like wool carpet. The wire can be used as toothbrush wire, which has excellent anti-reverse performance.

Product shipment and packing of PBT fabric

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