Blended Fancy Yarn 13S

Product Details

Product introduction

Fancy yarn is a kind of   yarn with special structure and appearance that is processed by special  materials, special equipment or special technology in the process of spinning and spinning. It is a decorative yarn . Almost all natural fibers and common chemical fibers can be used as materials to produce fancy yarn, fancy yarn  has many materials such as silk, extruded yarn, rayon, cotton yarn, hemp yarn, synthetic silk, gold and silver thread, blended yarn, rayon, and so on. we can use one material produce fancy yarn and we can also use several materials produce fancy yarn.


Product specification

13 S 

dope dyed  fancy yarn



Product features

we can  produce two kind of fancy yarn , one is long hair and the other is short hair. pls check this picture

Fatigue resistant, high elastic, no deformation, we always use fancy yarn to produce sweaters,  scarves, etc


Product delivery and packing

Customizable size and color. Packing in plastic weaving bags.

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